Saturday, February 28, 2009

image dump plus some stuff

don't worry, bill murray! i haven't forgotten about you guys!

but, i'll be honest. i'm enjoying not having a regimented schedule on this blog. it's enough with the other one.

so what's new? a lot and nothing. which sounds a bit koan-ish but it's not, i swear. (i know what one hand clapping sounds like. it sounds like regular clapping only diminished by half.)

right. spring! it's finally starting to do its thing!

which is good because i'm not sure how much more of winter i can handle.

unrelated to seasons in transition, i don't know if it's because i'm an old, if it's a case of taxi crabs

or if it's just the quest for novelty that occurs to me when i reach the four year mark in any city in which i've lived but i'm seriously debating whether or not we should move to an island.

any island dwellers past or present want to weigh in with their opinions regarding life on the atoll? (many thanks in advance!)

i'm assuming it's vaguely fishbowl like (i've lived in small towns and know how that goes) but do the pros outweigh that very considerable con?

please note we're not talking tropical landmasses. leff and i like the pnw but i really, REALLY want to kick seattle's ass right now.

ahem, moving on. j and i went to the mystery bookshop yesterday for the signing of joanne fluke's new cream puff mystery novel.

i still haven't figured out if i read her books ironically or not. (i'm assuming yes but that whole desire to move to an island has me confused. like, should i embrace the oldness or try to hide it behind a veneer of gen x snark? decisions, decisions....)

speaking of fossils, i need to go see lucy at pacsci before she's both dead AND gone. take two of these photos but don't call me in the morning. my phone will be off as usual.


santos. said...

non-tropical island? greenland? almost all atolls are in tropical regions (indian and pacific oceans).

you'll probably love new zealand.

r4kk4 said...

i wish greenland. (or maybe not since it's melting...)

i used atoll 'cause i'd said island too many times. haha! although, really, i'd love to move to new zealand.

we're thinking islands in puget sound. which isn't even remotely like an atoll in climate. haha!