Monday, December 27, 2010

holiday remainders

the holidays. you know that i fucking hate them, right? so let's get this recap started so i can move on to 2011, shall we?

the rakkadeer econobox internet empire grew by one computer this week as leff gave me beatrix (on the left).

it really was the best present ever as ratburger (right) is on his last legs (and xp). it's very nice to be able to get work done without everything crashing every five minutes. thanks, leff!

our plethora of london books also arrived

and leff got a metric shit ton of cybermen.

and that's that. "jekyll", this site and gin are pretty much the only things that got us through.

what? of course i'm trying to learn a little bit of conversational welsh. if i'm moving to cardiff it might come in handy. (although, english works very well there. i just feel like i have to do a bit more work due to my american accent. (it's the model un nerd part of me. heh.)) don't be impressed though. the only thing that i can remember how to say at the moment is "bore da". i mean, that's nice and all but it's not going to get me very far when i'm trying to ask the way to, say, llanfairpwllgwyngyll, you know what i mean? (i still can't pronounce that. i'm working on it.)

ANYway, you don't need a recap of 2010, do you? good. for everyone i know it's been one of the worst years ever and i just want to see the back of the damn beast.

oh! stupid fucking awesome ends in four days. starting on jan 1, i'm switching things up a bit by having two weekly projects: skull diggery and pax and ak. fingers crossed on the paak project as it's collaborative. with a relative. who is two. it might not work.

you can also keep up with what's going on with me career wise through the news feed at rakkadeer.

see you on the other side of 2011!


Irregular Shed said...

"metric shit ton" is my new favourite term. (Although it should be "tonne" of course =) )

r4kk4 said...

it's hard for me to adjust to "new measures". i'll adjust accordingly in the future. ;D