Monday, December 13, 2010

it's all about britain and cats

the things that have happened at casa rakkaleff other than dealing with torrential rain and urban craft uprising have centered primarily around food.

specifically british food.

if you claimed that we were ruled by britannia, i wouldn't begrudge you that point. leff and i are both unrepentant anglophiles. (actually, we're fans of all island countries. i don't know why that is specifically but it's true.) we're also quite "home"sick for the uk.

that's how we ended up ordering this big box of britain.

don't be scared, british people. leff and i are both nonfreakish worshipers of royaume-uni. we also think that tripling tuition fees is utter bullshit but that's neither here nor there. (giving clegg and cameron the angry side eye.)

the food has helped us get over having to live in les etats-unis.  (at least for the short term. (please don't ask me why i'm all about french place names today.  i'm tired.  it happens sometimes.)

in addition to the bounty above, we also picked up some marmite at the grocery store in our former seattle neighborhood.  the damn grocery store that decided to stock tons of british food once we'd moved! GAH!

what's happened to the text above?  oh, christ.  i'm too tired to give a shit.  deal with it, please.

anyway, the marmite's ok.  esp since we now have a new toaster! (and electric kettle!) both courtesy of leff's mom!

thank you leff's mom!

a bit more about marmite.  it's kinda' too salty for my undeveloped palette.

i've been told that if you mix it a tiny bit of it with butter just so the spread turns tan, that it's fantastic.  i'll have to try it!

until then, however, i'll continue eating nutella toast.

'cause, seriously.  nutella is the bomb.  (i'm going to make some nutella crepes soon and play like i'm still sitting at the creperie in caridff.  *sniffle, sad face*)

oh, yeah!  we also got some curry beanz.

leff had them on toast.  he loves them.  i might try a bit on toast when we get some more.

in addition to the toaster and kettle, leff's mom also got us some books that she thought would be right up our alley.

she's so right!  i luuuuuuuurve 84, charing cross road in both book and movie version!  i also can't wait to get started on a history of wales! (have i mentioned how much i like cardiff lately? ha!)

groc has been posting some more of his pictures from our trip across the pond. here's me making fun of a stack of plates at a yo sushi in london.

(original photo here)

and now we arrive at the cat part.  want to see something adorable but irritating?  then look at what happens when i try to take product shots for my etsy shop.

yeah, clouseau gets all "i'm ready for my closeup!" like i'm cecil b demille or something.

peel has also been all "lookit me!  i'm so pretty!" lately.

i catch her admiring herself in this mirror all the time.  i've raised some cats with ridiculously high self esteem.  in other words, i've created some monsters. sigh...

k, i've got to see how the basement's drying out.  i'm HATING wa state at the moment and CHRIST IT'S RAINING AGAIN!!  motherfucking fuck, i hate rain.


Warrior Two said...

ooh ooh! What's the store that has Marmite? And where did you order the UK food from? I'm constantly pining for ye auld sod, despite being born over here.

r4kk4 said...

i take it you're in seattle? we got the marmite in the lqa metro market. you know, the old larry's by the center?

they have lots of stuff including bass shandy! they've tripled their british selection!

there's also a place in renton but, as leff and i don't drive, we ordered instead from "the british shop" in california.

everything arrived in a timely matter and it was *REALLY* well packed! we ordered tons of pickle in glass jars and a bunch of crisps and nothing was broken!

Warrior Two said...

Yes, I am in Greenwood at the moment. I hate it, but I'm never satisfied. The Metro Market is probably too far my bus-bound butt, but I'm very pleased to hear about the British Food Shop. I'd love to get my hands on some little mince pies.

r4kk4 said...

oh, greenwood. yeah, i don't envy you that. ha!

i'm dying to get out of the seattle area too. i'm shooting for cardiff in a few years. *fingers crossed*

anyway, i think that the british shop has lots of forms of marmite:

even the squeezy bottle!

i'm not so sure about the mince pies though. they *do* have tiny apple pies, fwiw.

Valency said...

So the way I was taught to eat Marmite was to first spread a thin layer of Dairylea on your toast, then spread an even thinner layer of Marmite (this is seriously a case of more is NOT better). Dairylea is basically Laughing Cow Cheese - and it all tastes best on British bread-toast (Hovis is better than any US toaster-bread).

I live in the UK from 2000-2004, and I made all of my British friends inform me of how best to eat everything... (Don't get me started on mature cheddar eaten with Tesco Sharp Silver-Skinned Pickled Onions... I ate about a jar a day...)

r4kk4 said...

oh yeah, i know about not eating yeast extract except in tiny amounts because of a cruel, cruel australian roomie of mine. yeah, vegemite and me are never going to happen again. ha!

that does sound like another good way to try marmite though! thanks!

and, yeah! the cheese! the pickled onions! jesus! i want to live in the uk RIGHT NOW!