Monday, December 06, 2010

i survived the ucu winter 2010 show and all i got was a chance to meet some awesome people, a major boost in self confidence and a nice return on my investment

before i even get started on this quick recap, i want to give proper thanks to both leff and l for being my backup crew! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER, GUYS! i seriously could not have done it without the both of you!

so! urban craft uprising 2010, winter edition!  it was awesome steak with a side of crazysauce! the final tally of attendance was just shy of 10,000 people! my face hurts from smiling so much!

leff and i set up my booth on friday afternoon.  it didn't take long as my work's small and i'd gone the table rental route. (we lugged over two suitcases full of merch and etcs on the ferry and that was it.)

have i mentioned how much i love my logo sign?  it's so stupidly wonderful.  (thanks again, leff, a and jer for your help on that endeavor!)

i only have pictures from set up because, jesus, did you READ that number of attendees?  it was super capital PACKED and, as regular readers know, my work sometimes takes a bit of explaining if you're not acclimated to the crazy that is my style.

the view from my table was of ricicli's booth.

this was fantastic because they're both incredible people.  (g'wan check out their site!  there are lovely garments for the children that you know!) also, they didn't mind it when leff and i would occasionally dance like buster bluth when he wasn't wearing his glasses and mistook lucille two for a cactus. (it's complicated.  you can kind of get an idea of what it's like from this video.)

leff did take this video while on a short break just to show how crowded things were.

but back to my table.  we went the matching route.  as in, we wore matching sweaters that also coordinated with my table fabric.  it worked well!  except that people sometimes mistook us for a painting collective. (??)  it's all me, kids.  i'm an art machine!

anyway, this is the only picture of us as a couple that you'll ever see.

i think that it sums things up rather nicely.

i really don't think i would have enjoyed the show as much as i did if i hadn't had some great booth neighbors!  jolby were incredibly wonderful in not flipping out when i knocked over some of their work. (i'm so SO sorry guys!  i'm glad that everything was still intact!)  vermilio was staffed by some total dears!  also, tender loving empire were absolute sweethearts and manticore and i found out that we only live a few blocks away from each other. ha!

i really clicked with anna and (omg, i'm so sorry i've forgtten his name) her bf of victory garden yarn and the woo woo ladies!

in fact, anna and i swapped! isn't this crocheted hoop of hers adorable?!

speaking of swapsies, here's kate's shark card that i HAD to have!

i also need to ask her if aaron (also of nancy) would swap a small ceramic or two because, hello? you've seen his work, right?

so, i think some of you readers came by the table.  THANK YOU!!  it was really kind of you to make it to the center on a day when there was actual sunlight!  i hope that i wasn't too out of it and managed to say something that was vaguely amusing.

i'm sure that there are other things that i should be writing here but i've got to 1) fill etsy orders 2) head to the bank 3) clean the house (it looks like a shit storm hit. heh!) 4) unpack merch 5) photograph new stock for said etsy shop 6) try to catch up on some sleep.

did i mention my etsy shop?  because i have one. heh.

i'll post something non show related a bit later this week.  PLUS the strangercrombie auction goes live on wed and i don't want you to miss out on that link! proceeds are going to two very worthwhile charities! please check back soon!

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