Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hey! an earthquake!

who has thyme for this kind of excitement?

ha, i'm kidding of course. a 3.6 magnitude earthquake ain't no great shakes (ba doom ching!) this one was a little odd as it was more of a giant thudding shake and not a rolling, vague ugh, do-i-have-a-fever-am-i-going-to-barf-or-seizure sensation.

we are covered in case of dust emergencies that may result though.

ok, our faces will be covered if our goose is cooked.

in other news, i didn't pick these wild blackberries. 

i have this urge to harvest them every summer. i LOVE blackberries! but then i realize that this is washington state where people piss and shit in public with impunity. and, while these berries are probably safe, i'm not willing to take that risk as fruit nourished with humanure just doesn't appeal, i'm sure you understand.

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