Friday, August 30, 2013

the day before labor day weekend

it's the day before labor day weekend here in the states.

what this means for most people in the country is that mail doesn't run on monday. also that the banks are closed. and there might be white sales? idk. (it's actually a pretty good holiday, as far as american ones go. if you want the history, clicketh thee here.)

anyway, it also means THE END OF SUMMER which means you go outside and do shit. so i put bunny ears on the face by the water.

i did not put this apple here even though that looks like something i would do.

anyway, happy holiday if it's one you celebrate. i'll probably post some stuff here over the long weekend because I THINK that leff and i are brewing some more beer! maybe some other things too but we won't be leaving the house as there's some fruit festival happening near the ferry terminal and bumbershit is this weekend in seattle.

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