Thursday, August 01, 2013

various things posted on a thursday

it is thursday, right? *hovers over time/date* ah, yes. thursday.

good lord, these pictures are huge. and yet, i don't feel like bothering to change them so LOOK AT MY VINDALOO SPICES

i made a vindaloo because i can't get that damn song out of my head. it came from nowhere and just...lodged there. 

the curry did not help me make peace with my ear worm, in case you were wondering. neither has rampaging around the house like a football hooligan. although, that is pretty fun. WOULD RECOMMEND but try not to smash up your nice plates or whatever.


grocery delivery replaced my sriracha chips request with the garlic cheese bread ones. why did those win again? oh, right. i live in the states where good flavored chips just can't get a break. whatevers, i'll just keep covering regular chips with sriracha. WHO WINS NOW me, probably.

ps-- sriracha peas are SO TOTES WORTH TOTING chicken and waffle chips are just weird and you smell like fake maple syrup for hours after eating them. TOTES NOT WORTH TOTING

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