Tuesday, January 14, 2014


i am sure that none of you regular readers are surprised to learn that i've got a flu.  since moving to the pnw, when have i not been ill. grr and etc.

anyway, lots of (oddly, good!) stressful things are going on behind the scenes. i am not at liberty to discuss most of it which explains the lack of posting lately, but i can tell you about these next things.

* new "bletchley circle" is good!

* i am totally about the seven percent solution right now. (book version. i'm not sure about the movie but you could watch that here and decide for yourself if you are so inclined.)

* i have fallen under modcloth's spell.

* i should never order travel granola bars three weeks in advance. why do i think that i won't eat them? i will totally eat them.

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