Saturday, January 18, 2014

some things that have been found

still dealing with the flu. i would love to be rid of this crud. but, eh, it helped me find the punk rock episode of "quincy" earlier tonight.

this is not that episode (that one is season 8, episode 8 "next stop, nowhere" and it is magical. (it's also on vimeo.)) this is "the hot dog murder". obviously.

idk, "quincy" always makes us (me, leff) laugh particularly when we change the dialogue to where "the big q" is talking about dicks. not the fucking hamburgers. penises.

honestly, it's the only way i can get through an episode of "quincy".

not related to 80's mortician mysteries, thankfully, is nando's peri peri sauce!

did you know that you can get this at a regular ol' safeway now? i mean, FUCK YES DEVIL HORNS! (london, cardiff, i loves ya both but getting this sauce delivered to my house in the grocery order is way faster/cheaper/less jet laggy.)

one last thing that i found and i will get back to asking leff if i have a fever. ("yes. you ALWAYS have a fever when you ask." he will sigh and roll his eyes.) this andy magnet was at the bottom of a suitcase.

did i make this? did someone give this to me? i don't even remember. i do love it though so if you were a person who gave this to me, many, many thanks!

but now my time is up. i wonder if i have a fever....

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