Wednesday, January 22, 2014

more words about some things

still finalizing trip plans (will we go to the leslie hall show in chicago? probably!), still watching tv (how 'bout that "sleepy hollow", eh?! EH!! also, get on "the bletchley circle" train. choo fucking choo!)

books of note this month of the 12 read so far: pain, parties, work  (if only for sending me in the direction of plath's unabridged diaries) and, oddly, the rabbit back literature society. oddly because i ended that one with a "huh" and didn't expect the staying power it's had.

i ate some heart shaped shit. those chocolatey ones were junior mints, some of which had red goo inside.

i got some skinny jeans????? D:

idk, i might send them back. maybe. professor clouseau says they're fine

but i have not worn stuff like this since college. (ask me about that time the bouncer guy just let me through the weapons/booze search line by saying "honey, you go on through. even if you were hiding something i wouldn't care. *leer*" (ugh. no, don't ask me. it might make me barf. :/))

what else? this salad is good! i want to make these cookies! i am crazy enough to want to go to here.

what. i love popcorn.

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