Wednesday, April 02, 2014

holding pattern

i am in a holding pattern. many things about this state (of being but, yes, also washington) are intolerable. thankfully, fiction remains an escape. 

i was up until 4 am consuming the storied life of a.j. fikry. earlier that same day, i reread kitchen and also made a sizable dent in twinkle, twinkle.  any of these are books that i would recommend, particularly if you need to live someone else's life for a while. they will engulf you.

do you want to know how to kill a kindle? read an average of about seven books a week for three years. it is incredibly enjoyable but the tech can't cope. 

but back to fiction. later today, when time allows, i will be watching "l'avventura", "rome, open city" and, since not everything in my life can be from the criterion collection, "the craft".  

question of the day:  why was so much of 90's teen witch media so in love with "how soon is now"? related: do you feel this trend is repeating itself with 21st century bad girl movies and "crown on the ground"/"infinity guitars"

unicorn by matty cipov.

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