Thursday, April 24, 2014

the utter thrill of this, the last full week of april 2014

this week has come in pairs. nsaids and ice packs, bananas and nutella (recipe), digital prophets and guffaws. 

in the midst of these combinations, i have been continuing the massive clear out. get ready, pnw. i am unleashing my tshirt collection (which took me almost 20 years to amass) on your unworthy thrift stores. (i really should save these and donate them in chicago but i would rather not move them. again.)

also biting the dust, the giant box of collage material. most of it is now in the recycle bin but a small portion of it will be pasted into this book.

fuck you and your blog indeed. now to add "glue sticks" to my bday wishlist.

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