Tuesday, February 10, 2015

consider svestkove knedliky for valentine's day

if you are tired of giving bog standard chocolates, flowers, etc to whomever on valentine's, i'm gonna' suggest maybe trying to cut to the chase and make svestkove knedliky for them. 

i mean, you'll probably already have strawberries. they are inexpensive right now due to standard issue romantic situations they're associated with, yeah?

have you considered plums though? they are suggestive as hell.

go with plums. there's really no confusing your intention with that fruit.

here's where i'm going to fail you though. i don't have a good recipe for svestkove knedliky. sorry about that. here's a google search for you so at least i saved you that step. just know you'll be making dough and wrapping fruit.

and then you'll be boiling the dumplings kind of like bagels.

i really don't know what i did wrong. eh, they still look a little suggestive here. i must admit that the recipe i used was a failure though. (or maybe i read it wrong, who knows.)

anyway, give it a try! maybe you'll find a version that works better than the one i'm not linking to.

and if all else fails, at least you won't have gone to the damn "50 shades of grey" movie.

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