Monday, February 09, 2015

some current rabbit holes

i'm sure everyone has their own version of a personal travel guide. my latest is for chicago. (again)

while this notebook is entirely too small (i'm sure i'll end up rubber banding another one or two to it as needed.) it's crucial. it also sent me down many rabbit holes.

in fact, it was while i was adding the depaul art museum's "rooted in soil" exhibit to this book that i noticed chicago wildsounds (warning: fb link). there is a soundcloud page!!  

i also spent some time reading about tara bogart's wonderful "modern hair study" (inspired by felix nadar's"hair study") after i saw that some of that series is included in "identify' at catherine edelman.

"crime then and now" at gage (warning: crime photography) indirectly sent me to lynsey addario's it's what i do. i cannot wait to read that.

lastly, aic's mary louise reynolds binding exhibit not only had me chasing pierre legrain (dude! two books in austin! i haven't been to austin in FOREVER!) but it also made me laugh because, wow, i am so not interested in the other binding that is dominating (ha) the "news" cycle this week.

oh look, weeds in a vase.

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