Saturday, February 14, 2015

last minute valentine's day gift: chocolate hearts in strawberries

you want to make something special for someone for feb 14th but you've run out of time. what to do if you've only got about an hour and a half? 

do you have strawberries, chocolate and an xacto or small heart shaped cookie cutter? if yes, you can make chocolate hearts in strawberries.

it's sheer simplicity. melt the chocolate (microwave it for about 30 sec or use a double boiler. i don't care. you don't even have to use fancy chocolate. i grabbed two bars (one milk, one dark) from the bodega. that is not fancy.)

then grab your knife or small heart shaped cookie cutter

and start cutting heart shapes into the strawberries. (it is up to you whether or not you get this dumb song stuck in your head. (i hope you don't.))

then simply fill the hearts with chocolate.

i used a spoon. you could rig up something fancier if you so desire.

tips:  you might need to reheat the chocolate for about 15 seconds at some point if you feel it's gotten too thick.  also, if you get some chocolate outside of the heart area, just clean it off with a bit of damp towel.

let cool on the counter et viola! chocolate hearts in strawberries!

people will think you spent forever on these. let them and enjoy sharing these treats.

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