Monday, November 14, 2016

life continues

after last week's election result, i'm going to lead with links to two articles that have lists to worthy organizations that could use donations. apologies for the sources, but the info is still good: huffpo, jezebel.

also, if you live in the states and believe that the popular vote should count, please consider signing this petition.

here is the one picture that i took on election day. the local coffee shop was a polling place.

i promise you that this is not going to be where i badger people about politics (i need SOME  place where i can escape that.) additionally, i won't be posting directly about the volunteer work that i do as i don't want praise or recognition for it (that defeats the purpose of volunteering). but i am going to encourage you to volunteer. probably fairly regularly. let's get started with this link.

don't hide under a blanket like fuji thinking things are going to get better without putting in the work.

and remember to VOTE AT MIDTERM

ok, enough of that. most of the rest of this post is going to be about food. like toast.

the biograph isn't food but leff and i had to run some errands in lincoln park the other day and took the long way back to the l so he could see it.

we also stopped by the dog house for some fries

and a couple of dogs. here's one of them.

we also had chicago pizza company delivered. it is AMAZING because there's polenta in the crust.

what follows are pick me up snacks since i had a really bad fall the other day (uneven pavement lol what even is my dorky life XD). leff is super sweet, guys. he went to evanston for gummies

and stroopwafel.

k, time to get back to convalescing and setting up a plan of attack for staying safe and sane during the next four years. PLEASE DO VOLUNTEER because change starts at the community level.

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