Monday, November 21, 2016

oh look it's thanksgiving week

as usual, leff and i are spending the holidays at home which i prefer. (i put the kibosh on travel from the third week of nov until the first week of jan because no. fucking. way. will i set foot in an american airport during fucking holiday season.)

ANYWAY, that sprained ankle that i mentioned last time has kept me homebound. not many things to share with you. it's gotten chilly in chicago so we had our first hot pot of the year.

leff made me some cheese mountains as a snack.

i officially ended 2016 by getting a new calendar. (those yuzu gummies are AMAZING so pick them up if you can.)

basically, to make an old person pun, we were generally getting hygge with it. (sigh, i know.)

a new totoro came to live with us!

and the cats are brats. but there's nothing new there. what cool dudes.

so hey so heeeeeey my new boots arrive today and they have ANKLE SUPPORT lol so i'm going to try and get out of the apt before the holiday. so look forward to CHICAGO TOURISM and also, yeah, prob a few thanksgiving pics.

until then listen to noname's "telefone" because i haven't loved an album that hard in so long. srsly. srsly.

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