Wednesday, November 30, 2016

thanksgiving leftovers and getting ready for winter

yikes, it's wednesday. guess now is as good a time to post leftover thanksgiving pics. 

our premade dinner from peapod worked out GREAT (except for the green bean casserole that i let spoil. oops.) check out that turkey!

i made some lemony green beans but everything else is peapod. dinner plus prep and cleanup were over in, idk, an hour? so easy. so not sponsored.

other food items from the last week or so-- leff brought some cake friends home.

i had a crazy nuts hot choc at the cta stop.

here's this rock. i found it on the beach and i've been trying to convince leff that it's a shark's tooth but i don't think he's buying it.

got my cold weather gear! this is the most advanced pair of boots and coat combo that i have ever owned.

no worries, that fur is fake. clouseau's isn't tho.

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