Thursday, December 01, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 1

to keep the holiday blahs/s.a.d.s at bay (christ, it gets dark so early these days), i'm attempting daily posts here during the month of december.  naturally, i can't promise this is going to be exciting or even vaguely interesting. i also reserve the right to skip days if needed blahblahblah whatever. longtime readers know the drill. let's just *go* already. i've been ready to go for*ev*errrrrr.

if you're an old hand around these parts, you know of my busted ankle. yesterday i braved the stairs at my stop for the first time in weeks

so that leff and i could *finally* make it to boystown. I KNOW what has TAKEN us so long?! (hush, i know the answer. and i'm sure you're just as tired of reading about major illness/bad injury/needless work travel/job loss, hunt, gainful employment/death in family/family surgery/corpse in building/etcetcetc as i am of living it lol)

i'm sure there's a bus that would get us there faster but i wouldn't have walked past this burrito place

or this rabid lumbersexual tag

if we'd taken it.

our main draw was the halsted chicago diner. back in 2014 when leff and i were still tourists here, we went to the logan square location with crystal.  who could forget their hot chocolate? not me, obvs, cause here's another mug of it being all dramatic and shit.

the portions at this place are HUUGE. this ended up being two meals for the both of us. and...i...i like their reuben even better than one at little corner. (which is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING because little corner makes a MEAN reuben!)

after lunch, i hung out in front of this sign and listened to a police chopper hover for a while.

in fact, i'm listening to one right now as i type. ha! which reminds me of a quick aside:  when leff and i still lived in baltimore, one of his small town college friends was hanging out at my apartment watching a movie with us. he asked "what's that noise?!?" and jonjon (my roomie) was all "car alarm?"
small town friend: no, that's not it.
leff: the neighbors?
stf: noo.....
me: the fridge?
stf: can you seriously not hear that?!
*we all concentrate*

sing us home, fuji.

the only other thing of note yesterday was the arrival of this back issue of granta.

i didn't realize that i was building a chicago library until a few months ago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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