Thursday, December 15, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 15

guys, it is cooooold.

i was originally going to head to town hall today to take pictures of the world series trophy (HOORAAAAY) and then some of the inside of town hall (so pretty), then drop by christkindlmarkt and then maybe cross wacker to see if the river is frozen again buuuuuuut no. no way. i just...cannot.

to be frank, i don't want to end up with pneumonia again so i'm being overly cautious.

but when it comes to lights in jars, it's caution to the wind, baby.

no chill. not ever.

my jet pens order arrived!! i got myself some cute bunny stickers

and some a*dor*a*ble washi tape!!!

omg i might even wear some of that tape as a bracelet. XD XD XD

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