Saturday, December 10, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 10

you're watching "yuri on ice", right? yeah, i didn't think i would like an ice skating anime either but here we are. with a cake. a freakin' "yuri on icing" cake. ha haaa haaaaaa 

technique is the same as the sherlock hound cake and neko atsume cupcakes. (org saw it demonstrated here.) this time i used one of our silpats instead of wax paper. 

the cake and whipped cream were a bit different too. i love christmas cake but leff isn't a fan so i switched out yellow sponge cake for chocolate cake and added blitzed strawberries to the whipped cream. the hearts are made from freeze dried strawberries.

of course we had katsudon. of course we did. and of course i went all in and used the funimation recipe which is actually quite good! (i only set the nori on fire once! XD XD (still getting used to having a wonderful, wonderful gas stove again.))

hooray! it was a hit!

now to impatiently wait for the next episode.

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