Tuesday, December 27, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 27

so i was watching a kim dao vlog the other day and she mentioned that she's been eating a lot cheese ramen in korea. now i ask you, having learned of its existence, how could i possibly resist cheese ramen?? 

short answer, there's no way that i could so a google search later, and pow!, a cheese freakin ramen recipe. leff made us some.

guys, it is SO GOOD, guys! like mac and cheese but not. give it a try!

i don't play "pokemon go" anymore but the app is still on my phone so i got notification of the xmas pikachus. guess who was in my living room.

i didn't catch him because i've been out of pokeballs for months now. *shrug*

k, back to sleeping! it's the cold that won't quit! *weeping*

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