Friday, December 09, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 9

cost of living is so much more reasonable in the midwest. that sounds really asshole-ish but consider this greenery.

it was only $4.50. realize that the same amount of greenery on the west coast would be approx $15 and you get my point.

also bell peppers in season are the right price. lolololol

ANYWAY wtfgreenery, amirite? you know i hate the holidays but check this shit out.

what even the, right? how stinkin' festive. i've even got twigs in jars for that piney fresh scent throughout the house.


i think it's mainly cause greenery is so inexpensive. bwahahahaha hahahahah i might see if i can track down some eucalyptus branches to hang in the shower for SPA SCENT idk will update as appropriate.

ANYWAY, last night i made another failed attempt at cheese buldak.

i think i'm gonna give up on that recipe. the rice things i got were the wrong rice things. and i think i really wanted a pork cutlet bowl instead THANKS YURI ON ICE JEEZ

wish me luck, i'm going outside today. so v cold. so v v cold.

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