Wednesday, December 28, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 28

last night the dec 2016 snakku box finally arrived. (this is not spon. i ordered + paid for it for myself.)

today i'm only going to be able to show you unboxing pics because my palate is just not in the right place for wagashi due to this hell beast of a cold. too subtle of flavors, you know? you know.

anyway, the snakku box comes wrapped in furoshiki cloth!

the packaging is just all around super attractive. love the hokusai wave and all the kamon! the card describing the snacks is also nice. i think those are minka? which would make sense as this is a BOX OF GIFU PREFECTURE GOODIES!! (well, part of it anyway.)

none of the edibles were broken.

and here they are all outside of the box!

not gonna lie, these are the two that i'm most looking forward to. on the left, natto flavored goodness! will i survive?? (prob, idk.) and right side, BUNNIES!!! APPLE BUNNIES!!!

i'll update with photos of food and reactions as soon as i'm better. (i know there's a group of you who are *into* those types of posts.)

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