Monday, December 05, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 5

guys, there's not even any cutseyfooting with that game of thrones quote. winter is fucking HERE. 

leff needed some gloves and a scarf and other warm etcs so we dropped by everybody's coffee

before running errands.

lookit. lookit how fucking rad.

there were some wistful deer for sale too but, come on. after the tiger lunch box, i wasn't having it.

so, yeah. it snowed. thankfully, it didn't amount to much in our neighborhood but there was enough for people to build both a boardwalk

and a beach snowman.

here's vid of snow at the beach D: D:
A video posted by rakkaburger (@rakkaburger) on

A video posted by rakkaburger (@rakkaburger) on

seriously. what even is that?

i did my best "i'm not here. this isn't happening." pose for you.

hahahhaaaaaaaa i look so tired. :/

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