Friday, December 30, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 30

not much to yesterday but chores and coughing. i am so good at coughing.

are you doing resolutions for 2017? i know, a lot of us are feeling pretty...dire. but in the new year, i'm gonna work through the movies in our collection that i haven't watched yet. one a week, i think. prob alphabetically.

it'll take me a hell of a lot longer than a year to finish at that rate but you have to start somewhere.

books wise for 2016, i only managed to read about 55 books. considering all that went down though, i'm kinda impressed that i managed to read at *all*. if time allows in the new  year, i think i'm gonna finish the books on my old kindle so i can recycle it. um, if i can see the screen through all the lines. XD XD

one more "on the daily", then it's back to a weekly posting schedule!

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