Friday, December 02, 2016

gp on the daily--day 2

remember how i told you not every day would be interesting? haaaa, i am about to deliver on that promise.

yesterday, the rest of our dvds storage arrived so i spent a couple of hours organizing. 

i am DUNZO with that now. and, before you say "do you even stream, bro?" (why would you say that??) we *do* have several services but netflix and prime suuuuuuuuuuuuck and filmstruck isn't on our device yet. (SOON) so i am content with our THOUSANDS OF DISCS, right?

other thing accomplished:  i hung up my mame frame. (hacker voice i'm in *snort laugh/eyeroll*)

and, as it was a package day, i got my deth p sun fuck you bat sticker from giant robot! YAAAAS

guess i'll get dressed and try to do something more interesting for tomorrow's post. uhm, maybe. have you been outside? IT'S COLD hahahaha ah god winter has just gotten started there is no hope for meeeeee

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