Saturday, December 17, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 17

earlier this year, angelica posted a photo on ig about hot dr. pepper and i will admit, i was intrigued by the idea as 1) i am southern so at least 68% of my blood is made from carbonated soda, 46% of that being dr. pepper 2) i am a fan of cough syrup since it's saved my ass (and lungs) on more than one occasion. 

since it's finally cold enough in chicago for hot beverages (oh, christ, is it ever cold enough), i thought, why not now.

why. not.

you can google hot dr pepper if you want (worth it for vintage ads), but i will save you the trouble and tell you that you put the amount you want in a sauce pan and heat that shit up until it boils. 

then you pour it over a very thin slice or two of lemon.

now, as a drink on its own, it's not bad. vaguely cough syrup tea tasting as expected. but! if you think of it as hot dr pepper, you, my friend, are gonna gag. i thought of it both ways! ha! such fun!

this is not going to be my new go to drink, is what i am saying. if you want to try it, keep your expectations low and have at it. just, uh...keep the portion small, k?

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