Tuesday, December 06, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 6

waayheyyy, it's nothing but pics of food/drink! i mean, all i did yesterday was clean, run errands soooo...

do you make tea with mint leaves? it's freakin delicious and super inexpensive. hot water, mint. sweetener if you want it (i do.) and if you go to the asian market, the mint's a good price. (my huge bundle was $1.50 or something. would've been $8 at supermarket.)

i do this with ginger too. just slice it and pour hot water on it. no need to even bother with the skin. (i'm a heathen. lol)

for some reason, i'm not resenting holiday bs this year. maybe it's cause i need every bit of cheap ass sparkle i can get after 2016, maybe it's cause, as leff says "lots of xmas movies are set in chicago.". idk.

i DO k that "candy santa repeat" would be a terrible name for an anime.

SPEAKING OF ANIME, good lord, you're watching "yuri on ice", yeah? i'm only two eps in and i'm all YES MORE PLEASE lol

give it a go for srs.

i am easily influenced. pip had wensleydale with cranberries so, naturally, when i saw some yesterday, i decided that i would have some too.

good choice! thanks, pip!


Phil Wilson said...

You're welcome! I'll go try the anime!

r4kk4 said...

let me know what you think. it's *very* yaoi/bl.