Sunday, December 04, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 4

remix chicago has been running a pop up on bryn mawr this month.  leff and i stopped by yesterday morning.

leff bought the greatest red glazed pot from karma neutral ceramics and also a trivet (more about those below because i drug out THE REAL CAMERA heh) but i could also have taken home all three of these skulls.

we also stopped by another little shop that's always been closed every time we've walked past. they had a lot of knobbly glass things (leff is a fan) but these two belt buckles spoke to me.

as in they said "john" and "john". and "john john".

golden pacific was our main draw of the day as i was on the prowl for neri goma. i found it! i also found these beautiful drinks.

chicago decorates for christmas. (i'll try and get photos of the lights at night at some point.) my favorite door painter has been busy! here's one of the festive entryways.

breakfast/lunch was hum bao. more like YUM bao amirite (grooan)

we also got packages from my family! padre and my step mom sent me THE CUTEST, smallest, softest tiny bun!!

a family of mankei neko erasers!!


this brings cookbook total for the season to TWO if you are keeping score! :D :D :D

(i also received some *lovely* bubble bath but that isn't pictured.)

anyway, the ceramics. i mean, I MEAN!! i keep picking this up and holding it. it's freakin beautiful.

and here's a corner of the new trivet. the glaze is so *really* great on this. when its stand arrives (we're not going to use it as a functional piece), i'll take another picture.

honestly, if you're in chicago this month and oop norf in edgewater, head to remix. they have a big show this coming saturday, i believe, at the armory? it's sure to be well curated.

TODAY it's going to snow. like A LOT so expect pics of that tomorrow. and also maybe photos of me crying or something because it's what i've been dreading. lolololol (short aside:  i dated a chicago boy in the 90's. we used to visit his parents over break and ONE TIME IN MAY OMG IT WAS SNOWING. IN MAY i just. i mean. it is still hard for a southern person to comprehend all these years later. hahaha)

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