Sunday, December 11, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 11

saturday was pretty busy. we started at the armory where remix chicago was having an art fair. 

the ceramics in this city are great. i would have bought some things by both teresa hoelsworth

and leonor san sebastian but we had too far to go to be carrying ceramics. :/

grabbed some INCREDIBLE bath salts from absolutely anything essential gift shop. those are, l to r, apricot peach and spearmint.

let me level with you. i have NEVER smelled hand made bath salts this good. NEVER!! i can't wait to use them!

after remix, we headed to evanston to pick up some prints of leff's. finally got a pic of edgewater's holiday decorations on the way to the l.

also finally got a pick of jarvis station which is funny to me because two of my granddads have stations on the red line. (jarvis being one of said granddads, monroe the other. if i ever find a roy station, i will laugh and laugh.)

leff found buffalo joe's last time he was in evanston. lookit this lunch!

i mean, maybe you are too snooty for grub like that but i'm not. wing shacks always have good food. they sometimes have arcade games too.

bloop bleep

world market is next to blick in evanston so we ducked in for some world treats. on the way to the food section, i spotted a pack of alpacas

and a trove of globes.

will post the best of world food haul on another day.

blick's printing service is a++, can recommend! they've also got a lot of nice hand made papers.

i picked up some brushes and a colorless blender in addition to leff's prints, mats and frames. i love that you can talk to the clerks at blick about image transfer and xylene and laugh about how everything is carcinogenic. (because, really, it is. DON'T LICK YOUR ART SUPPLIES)

also, like, i hardly ever get to talk to people about xylene these days and it is MY THING so, yes. so yes.

we timed our outing well because we beat the snow by two hours. by the time we were finished matting, framing, hanging and putting up new curtains, this arrived.


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more is on the way today. supposed to total 6-10" by the end of today. i....i am not amused. but! i'm also not cold because i bought proper winter gear when it was on sale. HOORAY!! more snow pics/vid tomorrow i suppose. jaa ne!

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