Tuesday, February 22, 2005

spices and long drives

i was very excited to find out that a penzey's spices retail store had opened in memphis. (it's one of two (??) of their stores in the southern u.s.) finally a place to get different salts, cinnamons and vanillas!!

but guess what! it's located in germantown. a f-ing suburb of memphis. (and a hell of a looooooong drive from where i'm located.) factor in that the store's hours are from 10 am-6 pm and you'll find a rakka that's not going to be shopping at a penzey's anytime soon.

and i was really looking forward to getting some soup bases too. sigh...


Anonymous said...

I *just* noticed ours the other day. Sad.
Guess I should check it out one of these days.

r4kk4 said...

nah, not sad.

apparently, the "memphis" penzey's has been open for about three months. i only read about it in the paper this week.

shows you how much i get out to that area of "town".

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got to be in Germantown on Tuesday. Where is it? Is there anything special you're looking for?


r4kk4 said...

oh, that's so sweet of you, sandy! but it's ok! we don't really need anything. i just wanted to smell the sample spices! hahah!

you should go just for yourself though!

it's at 6641 west poplar. they're open 10-6.

you're so sweet! thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Rakka!