Wednesday, February 16, 2005

stupid moving companies...grumblemumble...

why is it that the major relocation/moving services don't have an online estimator available?

i'm not sure of the exact date that i'm moving or where exactly i'm going to be residing in seattle at this point. i don't want to talk to someone in my area. i HATE having to talk to people when i'm just gathering information. i just want a goddamned estimate to see how much more expensive it's going to be to pay someone to move my crap across the country than to do it myself.

i mean, airlines can provide me with fares, car insurance companies can give me quotes. hell, i can even get a loan online. so why the hell can't the movers just give me a goddamned quote without requiring me to talk to someone!??!?



Lisa B. said...

As someone who's move many times, let me just tell you that you would be better off getting rid of your stuff and getting new stuff than hiring a moving company. It is an absolutely, totally unregulated industry. If the company isn't the type that will give you a quote and then show up a weelk late in the new location demanding twice the amount they quoted you before they give you your stuff, which is half broken, then I can tell you right now that you can't afford them! Seriously, the only people who can afford to hire reputable movers are the one's whose company is picking up the tab.

Read this before you go any further:

r4kk4 said...

THANK YOU, lisa!!!!

the only reason we're even considering hiring movers is that it's 33 HOURS to seattle.

i mean, i moved to baltimore on my own in my car but i'm not sure that i can do the trek to seattle. with four cats. did i mention four cats?

sigh...the logistics are starting to get me a bit down.

Lisa B. said...

But ... how do the movers help you with the cat part?

r4kk4 said...

oh! because we're flying the cats up.

if we were to get movers, then we could just buy one way tickets to seattle and jet the kitties to their new town while they were out cold with vet approved druggage.

the way things look now we're going to have to get three round trip tickets, fly someone up to petsit in our new place and then fly back down to move the stuff.


moving's always a pain. i'm just glad that all the furniture breaks down and that we don't own very much. (we can rent the smallest truck, at least!)

Lisa B. said...

Honestly, after my experience with movers, the flying-up-the-petsitter option will be much less stressful, and will probably end up being cheaper.

Could you maybe have them stay in a pet hotel type place?

r4kk4 said...

i think you're right. we're probably going to opt for the 33 hour drive and the petsitter.

i can't really put the cats in a pet hotel even though that's a wonderful idea!

ms peel's pair bonded with me and has separation anxiety when i'm not around. (she goes so far as to stop eating, poor girl.) i don't think she'd handle a pet hotel very well.

also, fuji and clouseau are very skittish around people that they've known for years. they'd probably just hide the entire time at a kennelish place. not have high maintenence kitties would be rather helpful! laughing!!