Monday, January 24, 2011

and i'm back

things are getting a bit closer to normal around here. in good news, i got my copy of noah's book from the publisher!

if you'd like to see my pages in the book, please click here and check out the flickr set! (thanks again to noah for asking me to be a part of the book!)

i finally found out about irish breakfast tea.

that shit can stave off a headache, let me tell you! and since i don't have time to leave the house on a coffee run (and we're currently waiting on our replacement filter for our 10 cup pot) it makes life just that little bit easier.

to go with the tea, i made leff some jammy thumbprint biscuits.

technically, they were for a "doctor who" marathon that he was watching but i made enough for the rest of the weekend as well.

i also made this.

no, i'm not the poe toaster but i do appreciate a slice of nutella poe toast now and then.

don't forget, new pax and ak post today! new skull diggery post tomorrow! if you're lucky (and if i've had enough time to set up my new studio space (with heat! near running water!), i should be able to start yet another art series by feb. yay, etc!

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