Monday, January 03, 2011

yay! it's 2011!

my mood has greatly improved since we buried the filthy, stinking corpse of 2010. hooray! hooray! hooray!

i'm not going to go so far as to call 2011 "the year of rakka" (as that sounds a bit too much like "the summer of george" and we all know how that turned out...) but i will be happy if the new year is even one teeniest of tiny slivers better than the suck that was 2010.

anyway, this past week saw more packages trickling in. most were from the uk where mail has been slow due to horrid weather.

i got my copy of "smoke" bang on time though. (london orbital took a while.)

sadly, "smoke" seems to have run its course but it's ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY worth ordering the back copies. soooo goood. i'm looking forward to their new projects.

as you can see from the post below this one, my weekly projects for the year have started. (1, 2)

you can see me already breaking one of my new year's resolutions in the above photo. that being, of course, to not use my keyboard as a plate. oops.

surprisingly, the new year has brought some sunshine with it. i haven't really seen shadows since, oh, july of last year?

that reminds me, i should take my vitamin d supplement this morning as we're heading back into the grey this week. (freezing fog this morning! don't you just LOVE "freezing fog"?)

have a cat photo. i'll be back next week with another one.

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