Monday, January 31, 2011

happy year of the rabbit!

happy year of the rabbit just a bit early!

what have you been doing in the chinese almost new year? i've been working on my weekly projects like pax and ak

and skull digggery.

i've also started that new series that i was telling you about with excheckered.

that project's all about collaging over old edited journal pages. there's some annotation after each image. it could be fun!

i've been working on these things in my new studio/office.

i got tired of being in the studio with no heat or running water so i'm moving everything inside. it's coming along well, i think. (cards and stuff available at my etsy shop if you're interested.)

leff and i have been running errands since k loaned us his truck while he's out of town. we've gotten two out of our needed five rain barrels, stocked up our liquor cabinet and gone to target.

and there's oatmeal

but that's nothing new. i eat oatmeal all the time.

this is new though. another goofy "arrested development" banner for leff.

i'll never get tired of making those.

have a photo of clouseau on my smart dumb phone and i'll let you go.

the stupid thing won't let me sent pictures anymore. what a piece of shit!

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