Monday, February 07, 2011

we had a truck this past week

just as it says in the title, we did, indeed, borrow a truck this week. k kindly lent us his vehicle and we went to a nursery and bought a bunch of local plants,

stocked up our liquor cabinet, made our yearly excursion to target, bought five rain barrels and made a quick trip to lowe's. surprisingly (or not when you realize that i'm still ill with this bullshit fatigue disease) i only have pictures from the nursery trip.

other things from this week: curry chicken

and valentines. the following rabbit is part of etsy's special delivery.

these dalek cookies are part of the 15 valentines series that i'm knocking out for the hell of it.

also for the hell of it, it looks as if i'm doing another daily project with excheckered. well, at least until i run out of old journal pages to edit with a black marker and collage over.

that means that it could take a while. i've got some journals dating back to, oh, 1998? maybe before? that need the black bar and gesso treatment.

pax and ak should be updated by this afternoon. skull diggery by tomorrow. see you here next monday.

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