Monday, February 14, 2011

dreary weather and illness

i still have this proto mono disease (it's so passive aggressive that it's bound to have originated in the pacific northwest.) so not much happened outside of casa rakkaleff. i made some valentines. here's a love boat

and some heart boiled eggs. (directions at, via)

they're part of the 15 valentines set that i'll be finishing today.

even though i've been sick, i still have to eat. this week's highlights include generally general tso's chicken (i won't link to the recipe because it didn't work.)

and tacos.

have you ever even had a taco?

work on the plethora of projects continues. here's last week's hysterical (to me) skull diggery entry.

the new post for that site will be up tomorrow.

as for today, here's the freshly posted pax and ak for the week!

i should also be getting back up to speed with excheckered now that breathing isn't wearing me out.

see you next week, chickens!


Aine said...

Oh, how I love those valentines! You are so clever, even when you're sick.

r4kk4 said...

you're such a sweetheart! thanks so much!