Monday, February 21, 2011

working + gaming weekend

who loves ya, baby? sometimes it's me but mainly it's the all purpose flour.

leff and i are still in the middle of reorganizing casa rakkaleff. it's been pretty fantastic because i'm finding things that i need like stockpiles of sharpies.

it's not been all work around the house though. we decided to have a game weekend which means lots of things like "carcassonne"

and, um, * mumbling*, the "murder, she wrote" game.

excheckered is still steam rolling along. here are two of my favorites from last week.

and skull diggery has started to take a more gelled form in my head.

let's just hope that it gels in abiword soon.

new pax from me will be up shortly until then, check out clouseau and peel being cats and such.

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