Monday, February 28, 2011

work and tea

this state, huh? you don't believe me? check out who passes for royalty in washington.

unrelated to the fug, this week i finished working on my new studio space.

i moved indoors to be near running water. (also because it is cold as fuck in the garage and i'm not expecting to have summer in this hellhole ever again.)

i've been getting lots of work done

and finding old stuff i'd forgotten about like negatives,

old slides

and a drawing or two.

current work wise, i've made a new pax and ak

and tons of new excheckered collages of which the below is only one.

skull diggery drawings are also being produced but the new one won't be posted until tues.

thankfully, since my new space is right next to the kitchen, i can stop for tea/snacks. leff has made this much easier as he brought home supplies on friday.

have some peel and i'll see you next week.


Phil Wilson said...

It is consistently bizarre to see british foods in your photos :)

r4kk4 said...

get used to it, bub! we've found a supplier and we're sticking with them! ;D

wait'll you see the white chocolate mice we're ordering. that'll TOTALLY put you in bizarro world! haha!