Monday, January 10, 2011

easing into the new year

the new year has been blissfully slow paced to date. in fact, most of my last week was so dull (reading vilette (so good!)and both angela lansbury's and louise brook's biographies, catching up on new wave films that i didn't see in college, listening to language cds) that it doesn't require mentioning in depth.

i *did* get my order from blick though! check it! new watercolor pencils!

they'll come in very handy with the two new weekly projects (1, 2). maybe you'd like to click on one or both of two of those links to see what they're about?

on saturday night leff made nutella + raspberry jam and cheese + onion crepes.

they were incredibly delicious and, instead of reminding us of paris, you know, where they're street food, they made us think of cardiff. ('cause we ate some there.)

here's a very short video of leff making a small crepe.

it's only funny because he's right about it not being a good video.

i also went for some short walks around the hood when it was warm enough to get outside.  so, basically, on two days i went for some short walks.  here's a monkey puzzle tree that i saw on one of those two days.

yeah, slow week. which is fine by me.


Nad Leiruc said...

Those watercolors came from my country!!! Mexico. Have you ever being there? Its precious and full of color. And I bet that are of good quality :)
It seems cold were you live. Here in Houston it's cold too and I can't stand this weather. I think I need to eat more haha.

r4kk4 said...

they are *very* good watercolors! sadly, i haven't ever been to mexico but i've always wanted to visit!

a very good friend of mine moved there after marrying a lday from the northeastern part of mexico and he loves it! i wish that i had time to visit them!

it's not usually this cold in the pacific northwest but i agree. i hate this awful weather! i can't believe that it's cold in houston! (we should both have some cake! haha!)