Sunday, September 11, 2011

bonus sunday post: giant beans in tomato sauce

as you're reading this, i'm either in iceland or england or, hell if i know, wales. i'm terrible with figuring out the time difference and distances involved in international flights (and shuttles. and trains.).

what is *not* hard to figure out, however, is what is inside of this can. it says "giant beans in tomato sauce".

and its contents are, indeed, giant beans in tomato sauce.

which is fantastic! i wish that more things were this truthful. i also wish that more food was this tasty. you would think that slightly mushy beans in a spaghetti-o sauce would be gross. but it's not.

new favorite food! hooray!


Nad Leiruc said...

How does it taste? it looks sweet...

r4kk4 said...

they tasted like beany chef boyardee ravioli! which sounds gross but is actually quite good.

so, yeah, kinda' sweet.