Monday, September 26, 2011

return to form (bah)

since i've been sick and recovering from jet lag this past week, it should come as no surprise that i didn't really do much of anything (other than write recaps).

i did have a lot of work that autoposted while i was in the uk, however, so there is that to read/look at. excheckered,


pax and ak

and slideshow freak are all there for the clicking.

i will say this:  returning to the states right at the turn of the season has made readjustment particularly difficult. i mean, coming back from the uk always depresses me but seeing dead leaves and the clouds, that smothering, grey wet blanket that threatens to suffocate you ten months out of the year here...yeah, it's been pretty rough.

still! not all bad! plans are being put into motion and i have very happy cats.

i wish that i could enjoy sleeping as much as clouseau does.

new roald dahl post coming up on wed!

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