Sunday, September 04, 2011

bonus sunday post: kinder happy hippo biscuits

leff is a big game hunter. just look at what he brought home for this week's bonus post! kinder happy hippo biscuits!

i'll admit, this is more my typical style than last week's laverbread in that it's sweet and animal shaped. what? you don't like to eat candy animals? whatever, judgey judge pantaloons.

the hippos themselves are a crispy wafer shell with a crumb base. they've got adorable little eyes (and a curly tail (that's not pictured. sorry.)) which makes it a little difficult to bite into them if you're given to anthropomorphizing your food.

this is obviously not a problem for me.

as you can see from above and from this cross section, this style of happy hippos has both a milk and a hazelnut (read: nutella! yay!) filling. delicious!

happy hippo is also on youtube should you need something to do today.

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