Wednesday, September 28, 2011

krokan ice cream

i know, i know, last stunt blog i hinted that i'd be making something from the fantastic mr. fox*. that's not the case.  you see, if you weren't aware (ha!), i went to wales. specifically, cardiff. even more specifically, llandaff cathedral which happens to be right next door to the llandaff cathedral school which roald dahl attended. (i know this because i read boy* right before i went on vacation.)

here's something that you might not know! roald dahl had norwegian relatives! in fact, he used to summer in norway. which, jealous, but the cookbook* had a recipe that helped me get over that. krokan ice cream! does that not just scream norway? well, it would if it had a mouth.

if you really want to get all fancy and shit, i suppose that you could make your own vanilla ice cream. since i am not about complicating things that don't need to be complicated at this stage in my life, i bought some really good ice cream.  (q:  who's laughing now? a:  me)

as usual, i had to make substitutions and changes. the recipe calls for white sugar, i had dark brown.

i also didn't bother crushing up the toasted almonds with a rolling pin because, oh my god, i was so jet lagged when i made this.

pro tip:  don't ever try to refill a container when you're dealing with said jet lag plus a welsh cold that you (probably) caught at llandaff cathedral (thanks again, shed. (¬_¬)). things will not go as planned.

you will also not be patient enough to wait for the ice cream to refreeze properly.

but you WILL remember to offer some to norway before you eat it all while watching "trollhunter". TROOOLLL!!

next week on roald dahl stunt blogging:  foxy foods might be posted! OR i might get all bfgeezy. (funny thing, bfg does not stand for "big fucking giant". heh.

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