Wednesday, October 19, 2011

foxy foods

ok! let's get back to this cookbook*, waddaya say?

this week i'm finally posting about the fantastic mr fox*. you know, i'd never read the book until this year. i'm glad that i did 'cause it made me realize just exactly why i hated the movie version so much. (too many liberties with the characterization, tacked on ending, twee, twee, twee all the way home.)

don't even get me started on 2009's "where the wild things are".

ANYWAY, the fox foods from revolting recipes were related to farmers boggis and bunce. what say we start with bunce's doughnuts? can you believe it? i actually had all of the proper ingredients!

ok, i didn't mash goose livers into a disgusting paste and stuff the doughnuts with the mixture. bunce's fictional, you know? also, blargh, as if.

the item that i didn't have for the recipe (there's always something) was a set of circular cutters. no problem, i used two different sizes of glasses.

that natty bo glass gets a workout, doesn't it? i guess you could call these natty bonuts. (thank you! i'll be here all week! tip your waitress!)

i'd never made donuts at home before so i wan't sure if this would work. i mean, i've seen them deep fried at krispy kreme (there's video of the machine from the last time i visited my dad if you haven't.) but, yeah.

guess what! it works!

if i were to make them again, i'd shell out for some cutting tools to help me keep them uniform in shape. or, maybe, no. that wasn't the problem. maybe i wouldn't be iming, texting and skyping the next time i rolled them out and fried them. yeah. that's what the problem was. (resolution for 2012? less tech in the kitchen? HAHAHAH! *wiping tears from eyes*)

but let's move on to boggis' chicken soup. oh. my. god. just. damn.

i LOVE this recipe! i've actually made it three times already. it's the chicken and dumplings style soup that i'd been looking for for years.

it's also healthier than the chicken and dumplings that i grew up eating. less fat, more veg. in fact! these dumplings have corn in them!

have i mentioned the parsley sauce? oh, there is parsley sauce.

not only delicious but it makes me feel a bit like annie in that one episode of "being human" when i make this. (no, not really. like i would spend my afterlife making parsley sauce for an abusive ex. (oh, annie. sigh...))

next week on roald dahl stunt blogging: i will more than likely have a double post with marvelous medicine for an enormous crocodile. well, assuming that i put in a grocery order. if not, it will be a single post.

*links will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase fantastic mr fox or roald dahl's revolting recipes through these links, i will receive monetary compensation.


leff said...

"twee, twee, twee all the way home" is the best ever critique (of anything).

r4kk4 said...

thanks! surely you've heard me say that out loud before? (or maybe you're only on the receiving end of comments related to my hatred of hulu.

aikitherese said...

OMG...we got that cookbook for my son about 10 years ago! He's off to UCLA now, but I'm gonna check his bookshelf and see if it's still there :)

r4kk4 said...

DO IT!! it is a surprisingly good cookbook!

santos. said...

what leff said. and zomg! the soup with parsley sauce and corn dumpling! sheet, i muss buy this booook

r4kk4 said...

well, thanks! i swear, i've been saying that forever now. surely i must have said it in an email at some point? maybe? (really, i'm getting confused as to what i say out loud now. haha!)

it is a really good book! leff and i were both kinda' worried about eating the food from it but, well, it's honestly pretty good stuff!