Monday, October 24, 2011

stenciling until halloween

remember last week how hunca munca was all broken and fractured? that was sad, right? let me introduce you to samuel whiskers, my replacement kindle.

i still haven't transferred all of my books to mr. whiskers yet (because, ohmygod i have so many books and i haven't seen a way to do them as a batch. (any help would be greatly appreciated.)) still, one cannot beat the kindle customer service.

the rest of this week wasn't nearly as exciting. i've mainly been nursing my fractured finger (i heal slowly.) and working on halloween decorations.

you can follow along with those in real time in the flickr set. i'll be posting one a day until halloween.

i've also been doing some painting. here's last week's pax.

and, while this is not a painting, i did make it. see more collages at excheckered, of course.

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