Monday, October 31, 2011

a very wonka halloween

you knew that i had to save the charlie and the chocolate factory* sections from revolting recipes* until halloween, right? aw! you've paid attention!

as is only right for this holiday (and, oh yes, it IS TOO a holiday) there are many sweet things. i'll keep the descriptions short since we have a lot of ground to cover.

let's get started with butterscotch.

milky! frothy! it really reminded me of those tiny bottles of drinkable yogurt that can be purchased at good asian grocery stores. so, fantastic! but, um, not an entire british pub glass worthy of fantastic. 

the next treat is supposed to be a toffee apple tree but i ended up making a bit more of a toffee apple shrub.

i didn't have a melon baller so i had to dip apple chunks into caramel instead of nice, uniform balls of apple. sad, really, as it would have been pretty and i could have said balls some more.



the wonka nutty crunch surprises are too delicious. (even if i had to slightly tweak the recipe to make them work.) you know how fudge and caramel are not the same? that's a good thing 'cause they taste great together.

not a good thing:  strawberry flavored chocolate fudge.

it might be because i'm not 10 years old though. (god, it was so sweet!)

time for two install shots as we've gotten to lickable wallpaper. i didn't bother with the recipe at all as, well, fruit leather exists. it is also sticky on the back as you can see.

"and it looks pretty cool when it's backlit!" quoth the raven.

i stenciled store bought icing onto said fruit leather

but i didn't lick it 'cause, come on.

beware again!  the hot ice cream for cold days is a serious desert!

it's basically a baked alaska which, shit, i'm never gonna kick out of bed. (ha. hahaha.)

hair toffee candy is supposed to help bald men grow hair but at least one of mine ended up impersonating the flying spaghetti monster instead of substituting for rogaine.

behold stickjaw!

it's meringue with a hidden bit of stickiness due to the addition of a caramel inside. (you can see it oozing out of a couple of them in the above photo.)  i'm not sure if it shuts people up or not but i've sent some to leff's coworkers. perhaps they'll let me know. or not, depending on whether or not their jaws are stuck.

another recipe that i did not follow was the candy coated pencils for sucking in class.

i cheated by wrapping fruit leather around the pencils and then dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles/jimmies/hundreds and thousands.  leff said they tasted like eraser but this skull wasn't complaining.

and so ends roald dahl stunt blogging! (yes, without an eatable pillow. look, i made a twit head and we didn't eat it. i couldn't justify the waste of a gross ass marshmallow pillow. bleah.)

 i'll have another series of stunt posts starting, more than likely, after thanksgiving. check back soon!

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