Saturday, October 12, 2013

all of the lanterns for halloween 2013

here are all 12 of the halloween lanterns for 2013. new to the photo tonight are the channel 4 and london weekend logos (BWAHAHAH I KNOW). NOT included is the brian cox lantern as it turned out to be the odd one out.

complete list l to r: channel 4, wrong mans, edith with google eyes, scumbag jen, i beg your pudding, michael caine, sue perkins, the sweeney, asshole roy, dick turpin, hawking and london weekend. (i have always thought that if i ever got a tattoo, it would be of the london weekend logo. (i will never get a tattoo, don't fret.)) halloween set is here.

now to start on the xl stencils. this will probably be the last year that i am doing these as i'm planning on living in another city, if not another country before next halloween.

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