Thursday, October 24, 2013

grocery day

grocery day DOES deserve its own post as it's really the only interaction that i have with people other than leff these days (unless you count my opening the door and screaming GO AWAY at religious peddlers and political door-to-doorers. (am actively avoiding mail man who blatantly stared at my tits. granted, my junk mail is now early when he delivers it but i feel cheapened somehow.) ups guy continues to be adorable. but, then again, i do love that brown uniform.)))

where were we? oh yes, groceries. the person who bagged these must also be a lady of a certain age who uses both of these items concurrently. greatly appreciated!


honestly, i don't know why i do this to myself. once a year i will buy a flavored coffee item to see if i can pass as a normal. then i sputter and shake my head as if that will clear the horrid miasma of suck that has been left behind after the struggle to swallow this crap for crap. WHY CAN COFFEE JUST NOT TASTE LIKE WONDERFUL WONDERFUL COFFEE YOU FREAKIN' WEIRDOS?!

added bonus:  the above creamer tastes like an off brand strawberry shortcake doll. *shudder*

lastly! we have the candy for the trick or treaters sorted!

the palmers chocolate skulls with embedded pop rocks are weird. i was all like OMG THIS TASTES LIKE CHEAP EXPLODING EASTER leff liked them though. fwiw.

OH YES! finished the goldfinch! it is SO GOOD. highly recommend. A++, both of my thumbs are in the air  and they are pointing up. in other words, you should clear your schedule and read it.

also, the new poirot was v good even though i am dreading "curtain". *sniffle, sob*

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